Facetune2 Mod V2.8.2.1 Cracked APK Android Latest Download

Facetune2 Mod APK Latest Download

Facetune2 Mod Cracked APK, the next generation of the award-winning Facetune app, is complete with a great new collection. The best professional editing features. Get a Hollywood look or a more natural look with the best makeup and beauty app on the market. Behind every fun powerful, and, user-friendly tool, is, advanced technology. In just a few steps, you can whiten teeth, remove imperfections and acne, smooth skin. Correct poor lighting, improve facial features, improve your makeup and appeal. Want to surprise your friends and followers? Leave reality and live your imagination with Facetune 2 Crack.

Facetune MOD APK – Selfie is now a trend that everyone loves, even a youth for students. Selfie to share photos of people and moments around. They share the area with people via social networks like Instagram or Facebook. That’s what they all need.

Experience the amazing magic of Facetune 2:


  • White teeth and expand your smile
  • let your eyes shine
  • remove red eyes


  • Smooth the skin for a porcelain look
  • Photos with the airbrush to get radiant skin or reduce redness
  • tight oily skin


  • Easy enlargement or reduction of features: makes features thinner or wider
  • Simple each step comparison tool to compare Facetune 2 Crack and after


  • Fun, creative, and colorful lighting effects
  • Makeup brush for coloring hair or skin

State of the art for photo editing

  • Edit your selfies, choose from dozens of filters, blur and edit your background.
  • Features with advanced photo editing tools in Facetune2 Mod Cracked APK.
  • Get flawless results and boost your selfie game with professional-looking photos.

Live filters for your selfies

  • Edit your photo and enhance the functionality in real-time after taking your selfie.
  • Refine your photo and use various tools to upload your beautiful result.

Vibration and light filters

  • Facetune2 free filters enhance every selfie and photo for a stylish look.
  • A wide range of high-quality beauty filters for a unique set-up and style feeling.

Up your social game and share your selfies

  • Facetune2 Mod Cracked APK prepares every photo to dominate your social stream 100%.
  • Use our magic
  • Photo editing tools to enhance the features you like and share your photos on social networks.
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends in photography, selfie, and beauty! Share your photos and

selfies with the Facetune2 Mod Cracked APK

Retouching: Tools include smoothing skin, sliding over imperfections and wrinkles. Red-eye repair, teeth whitening, giving a nice glow, hiding dark circles. Dull shiny skin, and improve facial features in size and dimension. rates. Several tools focus on the eye, with options to change details, colors, and highlights.

Artistic: Tools include adjusting, fading, and changing photo backgrounds behind. The subjects and adding a menu of dramatic and subtle mood filters. Special effects in the Facetune PRO APK include chromatic prism and LightFX tools. Glitter, and other effects that use paint to add makeup, contour, or neon lights. You can change the background of the image.

Photography: A darkroom feature includes classic photo adjustment tools structure and saturation. Users can remove and turn on shadows or reflections to mimic professional studio lighting

What’s, New Facetune2 Mod Cracked APK?

Here’s the news for this update!

  • Filter: The “scroll” function is back. Use Delete and Apply to apply filters to specific areas of your photos.
  • Improved face recognition: Faster and more accurate in Facetune2 Mod Cracked APK
  • Improved stability: Fixed some bugs to provide a smoother experience.

Make every selfie look great.

  • Facetune2 is the world’s leading selfie editing app used by over 100 million people worldwide.
  • Smooth skin, white teeth, imperfections, contour features, makeup, and more.
  • With many fun and powerful retouching tools, every photo you send will feel great.

Edit Selfie Videos Quickly and Easily:

All your favorite Facetune features are now available for video. Smooth skin, white teeth, shaped and contoured facial features, adding makeup, and more. Creating a great selfie video is, now easier. Facetune your videos, make your photos just like Facetune!

It’s like an impressive filter.

Filtertune is a new type of filter app for editing photos and sharing filters. Are you looking for the perfect filters?
Want to create and share your own presets? Use Filtertune’s professional editing tools to create, edit, share and collect filters. That makes any photo look beautiful. Customize the style of influencers who inspire you by browsing and downloading. Their filters, or share your signature style with your followers to bring Instagram fame one step closer.

Create and edit great stories.

Seen is a story-maker app for trendsetters with unique designs, beautiful transitions, fun stickers, GIFs, and more. You’re an influencer or want to post stylish social content, Seen has everything you need to impress your friends. Tell your story with lakes.

How To Install?

  1. First, download the trial version.
  2. The cracked file of the Facetune2 2022 Key
  3. Unzip them and click Run.
  4. Done !!


Facetune is, a, photo editing app with many useful tools. And filters to make your selfie photos brighter and more artistic. Who does not love good pictures, right? With Facetune, players can connect to social accounts. From here you can share your photos directly, easily, and simply. Do not miss facetune trends.


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