SoundHound Pro APK Cracked 9.7.1 Download Latest Version 2021

SoundHound Pro APK Cracked Latest Version

SoundHound Pro APK is a free Android app that identifies music from TV shows commercials movies, and anything else with sound. You only need to press the orange button. Have you ever heard a song sample on a TV show or in a commercial that you’ve heard before but can’t place? SoundHound identifies your loved ones as well as your new favorites in seconds.

When you hear a song, say Okay Hound, and the app will start if it’s activated to record it before it’s gone. Most songs can be identified in seconds, and only a little snippet from the song is required. You can listen to the complete track watch the music video, and sing once SoundHound online has identified the name of the song. SoundHound versus Shazam is a quick and easy way to identify music, even if you only have a few seconds. Track identification can be accomplished by just pressing a button.


  • In seconds, press the orange button to see the track name, artist, album, and even the text.
  • Watch music videos and listen to whole tunes.
  • Once you’ve found a song, you may listen to it in its entirety, view the music video, read the lyrics, and even find remixes.
  • All right Hound what tune are you referring to?
  • You may recognize moving music using Voice Activation.
  • Slowly works on some devices SoundHound for pc may not function properly on older devices Ice Cream Sandwich and before.
  • Some titles are missing from the database.
  • The application searches a database of millions of titles however some may be missing or have poor sound quality making it impossible to identify the title.
  • Soundhound Apk

Hey, what song is that?

SoundHound Pro APK allows you to simply discover the music that is playing around you. It makes no difference if you are at home in the car, or somewhere else. Simply launch the app, tap the large orange button and we’ll tell you which song is playing!


All of the songs and lyrics you discover are saved in your own story, and you receive a music card. that allows you to search for the precise location where you heard the song you loved so much. Connect to your Spotify account to create a playlist discover music from different genres and discover new favorites in real-time. Discover the lyrics to all of your favorite new and old songs. Sing along with you memorize all the words and you will become karaoke masters.


  • Tap the big orange button to see what music is playing around you, along with the song title artist album, and text.
  • Do you have a favorite tune in your head? Simply press the button sing or hum the melody and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Keep track of all your findings on your history page.
  • Take a look at the most popular new music on the genre charts both global popular.
  • Use our music card to learn about what’s going on in your neighborhood and around the world.


  • The songs you find can be listened to for free using our built-in YouTube music player.
  • Connect your Spotify account to SoundHound to stream songs immediately.


  • Transfer newly discovered music to a Spotify playlist automatically SoundHound account and Spotify subscription required.
  • Sync all of your discoveries across all of your devices.


  • Live Lyrics allows you to watch and interpret lyrics in real-time.
  • We will find the song for you if you enter the text or use the voice search Say something like this.
  • Hello, SoundHound Show me the thriller lyrics by Michael Jackson.
  • Get access to the lyrics of your new and favorite music.
  • Check out the lyrics to the songs that are now at the top of the SoundHound charts.

SoundHound for Android includes Hey SoundHound a remarkably powerful method to interact play and discover music using only your voice.

What is this song?

  • Please show me some texts on Castle on the Hill.
  • Play today’s greatest songs.
  • I’m going to add this song to my playlist Spotify only.

Key Features SoundHound Pro APK:

  • Make a playlist on Spotify or Rdio.
  • Listen to the entire song.
  • Display lyrics in conjunction with music playback
  • Photographs and biographies of the artists
  • View the album’s release date and group information.
  • Play demos of critics’ songs and albums.
  • Share your favorite music on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.
  • Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and Google Play Radio are all supported.
  • Google Play allows you to quickly purchase music or albums.
  • View the day’s hottest and most recent songs.
  • Check out the graphs of growing music.
  • Find out about local music.
  • Recommendations for similar artists and albums

What’s New SoundHound Pro APK?

  1. Showcase fresh artists from all across the world.
  2. Fix a few bugs
  3. Improve the research field’s performance
  4. Android 8.0 compatibility

SoundHound Music Search Pro APK Installation:

  1. Download APK.
  2.  Go to Settings Security Allow Unknown Sources on your Android phone.
  3.  Install.
  4.  Completed.

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